<span>Wood types </span>used in furniture production

Wood types used in furniture production

High quality of wood = longevity of the furniture

There are many types of wood, but only a handfull have established themselves in the furniture industry. You are welcome to ask for furniture that is made from other wood types, than the ones below – we are very good in sourcing even exotic wood types and are happy to accept the challenge!


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The pine tree is not a demanding conifer, often it is found in the northern hemisphere. It has a beige-yellow wood that is heavily soaked with resin, and has a creamy texture. Pine is used for various purposes – on one hand, it is easy to work with and colour, on the other hand it is strong and durable. The older the pine tree, the stronger the wood.


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Beech is a very long-living tree, slow growing and well known in the forrests across Europe. Its high utility value is reached with the age of 100 years. Beech wood is valued for its unique properties – toughness against a high load capacity, resistance and hardness. To posses such properties, the beech wood needs to be steam treated. After treatment, beech wood is immune against warpage and contortion.


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The oak tree is a well-known and long-living tree that grows in the temperate climate zone. Oak wood is known for its strength, and for this reason it has taken a very important place in the production of furniture. Oak wood is heavy, hard and abrasion resistant. Its bright colour will become darker over time. Due to the fact that oak comes in different varieties, there may be slight variations in the appearance of the wood. This also contributes to the uniqueness of oak furniture.


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The maple tree is a deciduous tree and grows usually in the immediate vicinity of other deciduous trees. Many varieties of maple trees grow thoughout the northern hemisphere. Maple wood is bright and clear, depending on the variety it can have different hardness.


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Ash is a long-living tree whose wood is light yellow and hard. It belongs to the same plant family as the olive tree. The hardness of the wood is the same as oak, but it differes from oak – it retains higher elasticity.


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Alder is one of a few trees that thrive in wetlands. It is a tree that does not have high requirements when it comes to the environment they grow in. It is characterised by rapid growth and an orange embossed wood, which has a medium hardness and is easy to work with. Alder is often used in the production of musical instruments.


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Just as alder, the birch tree has no big demands on the growth environment. Although very fast growing, birch is a tree that reaches only an age of decades, not centuries. Birch wood is characterised by smooth, white bark and flexible and soft branches. It is white with a bright yellow hue and a fairly high hardness. Due to the weak stability of the wood, birch is commonly used in the manufacture of plywood.

Cherry tree

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Cherry wood is hard, with reddish-brown heartwood, higly valued in the furniture industry, mainly because of the unique and diverse wood image. It is often used for marquetry in furniture.


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A timber, which is quite hard, with interesting colours ranging from white to black. Typically, it is used as veneer of modern furniture and in designer furniture.

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