Discover the natural beauty of your antiques anew…

Antiques – dusty, standing in the attic, often forgotten – have the spirit of bygone eras. A professional and expert restoration can bring back the beauty that was once hidden, and can be amazing when taken care of for years to come, so even your grandchildren will be able to appreciate “a true piece of history”.

We offer our customers repairs of damaged furniture, restoration and sale of antiques.

  • We upholster in the classic style, with pure natural products like horsehair padding and we also use hemp and jute. There are a number of stylistic and modern fabrics and leather to choose from.
  • Weave repairs with rattan
  • Lacquering
  • Copying parts or entire furniture pieces
  • Antiques accessories – over 2500 products such as keys, locks, handles, furniture legs, turned wooden elements, stains, shellac, waxes, bone glue, tools and even literature about restoring antiques.

Do you want to have your neglected closet restored? Do you want us to give your dresser a new look? Time to call us on 0511 545 76 009 – here at Holz66 we enliven your treasure again!

Holz66 combines the artistic skills of the artisans of past eras with the relaibility of today’s restorers.