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The reincarnation of your furniture

At Holz66 we believe taht old antique cabinets, damaged chairs and neglected tables have a right to expert treatment, which will bring back the spark in them.

When restoring antiques:

  • we use restoration methods that allow us to reflect the spirit and beauty of the bygone eras in style,
  • we treat yourtreasure by relying on the knowledge of past master carpenters and combine this knowledge with modern tools, which allow us precise handling of wood,
  • we decide on the restoration methods always with regards to the end result that we are aiming for. No shortcuts!

Here at Holz66 only sky is the limit

We specialise in jobs that are not necessarily “typical”, they just reflect your high expectations towards furniture. Each piece of furniture is the result of good craft, ideas of stylish designs and manual abilities of our carpenters. Your vision of “the perfect piece of furniture” is finally possible, and does not have to end up only a dream!

We integrate all our experience and passion for wood in antiques restoration and also in the manufacturing of solid wood furniture made to measure.

Traditional knowledge, modern way of thinking

We use only high quality woods that are selected for each piece of furniture individually. How else could we provide a unique product, if we did not strive for perfection in each of its elements?

Here at Holz66 we know that the combination of modern and classic tools allows an individual approach to antiques and new furniture, so we work as needed on both. We build furniture that will make your rooms exceptional, and will impress and last for generations to come. Our products and services are a well worth investment.

In addition to our solid wood furniture and antiques restoration, we also offer:

  • Fittings and other accessories
  • a wide range of fabrics and leathers to chose from for our upholstery service
  • several fabric samples to be seen in- store
  • fabrics only from renowned dealers and trusted brands

Customers with smaller antiques, such as chairs, we invite directly to our stores. In case of larger items, please make an appointment with us so we can visit you at home.
Questions? Call us on 0511 545 76 009. We look forward to your call!

Holz66 – Antiques restoration
Inestimable value of the sentiment