Biedermeier Replica

Biedermeier Replica


We offer several replicas of genuine Biedermeier chairs and other furniture replicas. These are indistinguishable from the historic originals, but can be made more comfortable and individually on request. So we can adjust the seat height and the thickness of the padding on your wishes. We also use special fabric covers. You are welcome to choose from a wide selection of fabrics directly in our stores. Each Biedermeier chair created from solid wood. We use all types of wood, feel free to ask for specific wood types. The colours of our wood ranges from yellowish tints and yellow-reddish shades to deep red-brown or white.

Of course we manufacture also special models made to measure, if you cannot find the right one in our catalogue. The specialists of our team form original Biedermeier furniture new especially for you. Do you need extra pieces of furniture in addition to your existing furniture? We can provide you with exact copies or pieces of furniture, that will fit in well with your existing ones. All our Biedermeier replicas can be produced in any given number. We welcome your orders!





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