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Holz66 recommends products by Berliner Messinglampen, which you can order in-store, via e-mail and telephone here at Holz66.

Most lamps in the classic Berlin brass lamp series (“Messinglampen”) arose on the basis of old templates and models that date back to the period around 1900. All lamps are still produced by hand in the manufacturing plant in Berlin, Germany. The lamps are mainly made of pure brass parts, and they are still fitted with classic historical textile cables. The glass shades are hand-blown of precious flashed glass or decorated with intricate etched or cut patterns. Stylish room designs are no longer conceivable without these lamps. They are of course manufactured to the high technical standards which apply in Europe, and every single lamp is tested for safety and quality.

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With experieince and the high quality of German manufacturing facilities, Berliner messinglampen has long been established as a partner of many well-known hotels, interior designers and investors. In collaboration with architects and designers Berliner Messinglampen develop lamps and lighting systems for all areas to their specifications. The designs are transposed into technically and visually perfect and affordable final products by using the newest technologies including LED.